Instructor Certificado Juan Pons
 ¡No beba si conduce! 

Driving School

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                     DRIVING SERVICES

Call 305-814-0412 or 786-340-4232 for more information.

Never leave a child unattended or unsupervised in a motor vehicle. 

Driving Lessons 

Personalized driving lessons.

We prepared to acquire skills to drive:

-Three Point Turn.  Approach of Crossing.

-Observe Right-of-Way 

-Straight-In Parking. Parking on a Grade. 

-Stop Quickly Backing. Obey Stop Signs. 

-Obey Traffic Signals. Signal and Turn. 

-Passing. Stay in Proper Lane. 

-Follow at a Safe Distance. Use Proper Posture. 

 Driving Lesson Package
Packages classes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 hours, focused on:

Driving and Turn in the traffic, Parking.

We prepare for you to learn to drive 

and get your driving license.

If you are starting to drive or has some experience 

this is the best service for you.


       Learn to drive with Pons Driving School.

Service for practical exam.

--We pick you up at your home or office,

--We you practice before your exam, you will use

the school car for your practical test.

--We we wait until you finish and carry back to 

your home or work.

This Course is for people who is getting their Driver License for the first time in the State of Florida.

Florida Class E Driver License

Official Handbook For 2015, 

Please visit the following Link

Using our car for driving test.

If you need a car to present his driving test,
We provide our car.
Our vehicles are fully equipped and available 
for test driving.

With Commercial Auto Insurance and double brake.

Florida Certified Instructor - Juan Pons.

It is illegal in Florida to operate a motor vehicle while texting.

Seat belts save lives, but only if worn correctly every time you are in a motor vehicle!

If you need a car to take your test we will provide our newest and safeties car.

When driving, always carry your driver's license

                              and always

Have the Vehicle Registry and Automobile Insurance inside the vehicle.